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I hope you sleep well and dream of me. My small contribution to the 7kpp week! Yay sassy princes with doubtful intentions!

She has been seen confering with medics from all the lands, from tattooed healer-men of Skalt to the renowned doctors of Jiyel, all in vain.

Tumblr Wpaj Ewo

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Zarad shook his head.

Tumblr Wpaj Ewo

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

There were some who cried out against the injustice that was monarchy, some who tried to stop the red procession as it moved through the capital.

Odile, queen of Revaire, retired early, and sent her maids away. Too splendid, perhaps, to be seemly in a land as ravaged by poverty and hunger as his reign has left Revaire.

But Constance hopes enough for the two of them. A ring, onyx and ruby set in gold - a customary, if somewhat flashy piece of mourning jewelry from Revaire, commemorating the death of her husband.

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Not super happy with how this turned out, but I figure the more content the merrier, right?

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